Benefit of playing table tennis

Table tennis is among  the quickest game in the universe which the athlete has a nice time of moving location constantly and have a pleasure together in good health. This game is very simple and fun, but requires some skills.

How to play this game

To perfect this game you need to have mental close attention, speed of movement. Before you can play this game, you need to be smart in changing directions and focus on your opponent steps. The necessary part is to know the guideline(s) and the equipment used to play this game.
After knowing the rules, you need to know how to serve, serve means when player discharges the ball backward the edge of the table and bang it so that the ball will ricochet on his/ her side of the table and then hit the ball. The ball will ricochet once in the opponent’s court, if the serve go straight to the net it means the opponent has one point. But if the serve bangs on the opponent’s net and goes over, this will be considered as a “let” and can be played again without penalty. Playing this game frequently will enhance your chance of leaning different skills to win your opponent.

Benefits of table tennis

Playing this game is a great way of bringing different people together from the other region and makes new friends; either you are playing for a team or with friends. This will give you a great chance to meet new people and to connect with them. It will increase your connection with other people apart from friends you already have; it is a great way to build relationship.
Furthermore, tennis is well (safety) than any other sport because it's not a class sport which is easy to play for all ages and enjoyed playing in every district. It is a type of game that has many exceptional