4 tips for recognizing a good velvet durag

The velvet durag is an extremely popular fashion accessory due to its variety of colors and elegance. These accessories are used by both men and women to protect their hair and create unique looks. They are very often designed in velvet to guarantee a high level of comfort. So, to recognize a good velvet durag capable of long-term durability, you need to consider several factors. In this article, you will discover four tips that will help you better distinguish a good velvet durag.

Observe the size and the look

To better distinguish and easily recognize a velvet durag, it is necessary to master some of its basic characteristics. As basic characteristics, it is important to know the size and appearance of the velvet durags. Indeed, the size is an essential factor in the recognition of this accessory. A good Velvet durag is usually designed with a size that can fit different body types. 
Concretely, a good durag should normally completely cover your head so that you are comfortable and well protected. Regarding the look, there are several kinds of colors and patterns for these accessories. Thanks to these varieties, each individual can satisfy himself, despite the different tastes and preferences. 

Touch the durag to know the quality of the velvet

The quality of the velvet is also one of the key elements to recognize a good velvet durag. It is a material that embodies elegance and style. The durag designed with this high-quality material is soft and silky to the touch. 
Which makes it even more comfortable to wear and helps ensure its long life and long-lasting use. If you are looking for a good velvet durag, it is very easy to recognize the quality of the velvet. In case the velvet is of inferior quality, you will find that the durag feels rough to the touch. Whereas, if it is a good velvet durag, you will find it dense and its fibers will be clearly visible.

Test its elasticity

A good velvet durag should have good elasticity. The correct value of this elasticity can be deduced when the accessory can fit comfortably on your head. When testing the elasticity of a velvet durag, first make sure it conforms exactly to the shape of your head. It should not be tight or too loose, but more like putting on a hood. 
Also, make sure the front end of the durag centers properly between the eyebrows and the hairline, without slipping or coming off easily. In addition to its ability to stay in place, the durag should hold your hair securely in place, while still being comfortable to wear. If you notice that the durag is not holding properly, it is best to explore other designs that provide better elasticity and proper support.

Make sure to prioritize ease of maintenance

To easily recognize a good velvet durag, its ease of care comes into play. Almost all velvet durags are relatively easy to care for. To choose a durag that will be easy to clean, it is important that you choose a durag that you can wash by hand. It can be machine washed, but not regularly, as excessive use of this washing method could damage the durag fibers.
Regarding stains, you can use a damp cloth with a little mild detergent to clean it. This velvet durag should be an accessory that can be dried flat. By following these simple care tips, you can enjoy your velvet durag for a long time while preserving its beauty and softness.