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How to Cook
with Whole Grain Recipes

whole grain recipes

Discover whole grain recipes like a quinoa salad, chicken barley soup, a rich brown rice pudding, and 100% whole wheat bread recipe all while learning about cooking with whole grains.

Cooking With Whole Grains

When cooking whole grains the trick is to make sure things are cooked and leavened thoroughly. A whole grain bread recipe, for example, may take twice as long to leaven as white bread. And some whole grains take twice as long as white rice to cook when boiling them. So when cooking whole grain recipes for main dishes, breads, and baking, be patient.
whole grain recipes It is difficult to incorporate whole grains into your diet if you have to wait up to 40 minutes for them to boil each time you want to eat them. So when cooking whole grains, make A LOT! Once cooked, they will store in the fridge up to 5 days if covered. This makes for easy access when using them in salads, pasta dishes, and especially as a breakfast cereal. For a unique whole grain recipe, click here.

Whole Grain Bread Recipes

Most whole grain breads will be very dense compared to white or partially whole grain bread. So select whole grain recipes that will be complimented by whole grain hardiness. Remember some foods will always be better tasting with white flour. So don't change a recipe unless it can be improved by going whole grain. Our 100% whole wheat bread recipe is a good place to start.

Whole Grain Soup Recipes

Adding whole grain to soups is the easiest way to introduce them into your diet. Just throw them into the pot and let them cook with the soup (25-40 minutes depending on the grain). If you prepare enough soup for leftovers you will find the grain continues to swell over the next day or so, adding a delightful bulkiness to the soup and making it go further. Because of their light taste they are unlikely to negatively impact any soup or stew recipe. They are also fabulous in chilies and chowders. They extend their flavor and quantity while sparing more expensive or fattening ingredients. However, depending on the recipe, there may not be enough water to adequately cook the grain. To avoid a crunchy texture, boil the grains separately then add them to the chili or chowder. Try our delicious chicken barley soup recipe.

Whole Grain Cereal Recipes

When cooking whole grain cereals for breakfast, it should be remembered that they do not always need to be served hot. While oatmeal and cream of wheat are the most popular of these cereals, mixed grain cereals are gaining a following. A variety of grains boiled, cooled, then served with milk, sugar, and fruit provides great taste as well as an entertaining texture you will enjoy. This allows you to maximize the health benefits of several grains at once. Because they are not mechanically processed (cracked, creamed, or rolled) they don't effect your blood sugar as rapidly, which gives you longer lasting energy without a crash. Get your morning off to a healthy start with this light yet filling quinoa cereal recipe.

Whole Grain Pasta and Pilaf Recipes

There is a reason you seldom see boiled barley, buckwheat, or rye as a side dish like rice. They are seldom stand alone flavors. Most whole grains are better as vehicles for sauces and seasonings. Because they accept flavors easily, they are a great addition to any cheesy, saucy, spicy recipe. Particularly Mexican and Italian dishes. Try our great tasting brown rice pilaf recipe or turn any pasta dish into a whole grain dish by learning how to make whole wheat pasta.

Whole Grain Salad Recipes

The light bready taste of whole grains compliments the taste and texture of fruit salads. Boiled grains absorb salad dressings and vinaigrettes wonderfully. Consider throwing a handful of them into your favorite pasta salads, or substitute them for croutons in your green leaf salads. Two of our tastiest whole grain salads are our wild rice salad recipe and quinoa salad recipe.

Whole Grain Dessert Recipes

While there are several ways to use whole grains to make healthy dessert recipes, the most common way is to incorporate whole wheat flour into baked goods like cookies and muffins. However, this is a good time to step back and avoid ruining a good thing, like dessert. So instead of throwing out the white flour, just substitute half of it with whole wheat flour. Then you only need to feel half as bad about eating so much dessert! If having white flour around is too much of a temptation for you, then remember whole grain muffins, cinnamon rolls, and cookies (like oatmeal) are great tasting whole grain recipes that don't need any help from white flour. Our easy, rich brown rice pudding is just one of our many delicous healthy dessert recipes.

Whole Grain Recipes

whole grain recipes




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