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Cooking Quinoa
How to Cook Quinoa Grain

We have easy directions for cooking Quinoa grain, both red and white varieties, including a how to video and important precooking tips. Once you know how to cook this delicious whole food don't miss out on all of our healthy Quinoa recipes at the bottom of this page.

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Basic Instructions
for Cooking Red and White Quinoa

The cooking ratio is 1 part Quinoa grain to 1 3/4 parts water. First bring water to a boil then add grains. Simmer uncovered for 12 minutes until water is absorbed. Fluff with fork and let stand 5 minutes. Yields 3 1/2 cups .

How to Cook Quinoa Grain Video

Important Precooking Instructions

Before cooking Quinoa be sure the grain you use is washed. Most of the grain that is packaged and sold to consumers is pre-washed but some is not. Cooking unwashed Quinoa will give recipes a bitter taste caused by the plants natural saponin coating (believed to fend off birds and insects).

To wash off the saponin coating, rinse the grains with water for a few minutes. The grains are very small, so use a fine strainer. Permanent coffee filters (not paper filters) work well for straining.

When cooking this grain choose a dish that will be complimented by its nutty, smokey flavor.

Quinoa will store up to 1 year, if stored properly.

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