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Where To Buy Whole Grain?

buy whole grain

We've made it easy for you to find out where to buy whole grain Quinoa, Wheat, Millet, Amaranth as well as all the other whole grains and seeds featured on our website. Look at our list below to find local and online resources for the whole food of your choice.

Wild Rice

The easiest way to buy whole grains like organic wheat is online or at your local health food store. It is usually sold by the pound in the bulk food aisle. Since the price difference between organic and non-organic grains is usually in pennies, go for organic.

There are many online resources for purchasing whole grains at a reasonable price. However, shipping can be expensive for heavy products like grains. That is why most online retailers only offer whole grains in bulk.

Don't overlook your local grocery stores, particularly larger chains like Safeway, Winco, Fred Meyer, etc., they sometimes stock whole grains and seeds in their health food aisle. Their prices are usually more reasonable, and they will also special order items (in bulk) for you, free of shipping.

Where to Buy Whole Grain Products?

buy whole grain




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